To guarantee a higher quality of our products we have created a new laminated fabric: Myler One Side Taffetta, 100% Made in Italy. This product guarantees a better resistance to delamination and little diagonal elongation, allowing to make excellent sails with both vertical and radial paneling.

The fabric is composed of a 7 micron mylar film, coupled with 12 micron polyester (total weight 1.9 oz. For more details download the data sheet here). It is available in different colors, allowing the customer a greater customization.

Once the form with the required measurements has been completed and sent (download here), the sails are drawn and cut in our sailmaker’s shop using Plotter Cutter Pro Sail. After assembly, the seams are tris-tich type with nylon thread, highly resistant to UV rays and wear. Also in this case the color can be customized.

The reinforcements are radial, to homogeneously distribute the load stress in the corners of the sail. The leech and the base are supplied with a 2 mm leech base in dyneema to minimize vibrations and with stainless steel rings on all corners, applied with polyester strips with very high sealing load.

The color of the sail number can be customized.

The entire production process is supervised by the company manager and the product is entirely handmade. This allows us to sell a quality and personalized product.

For more information on costs, see the price list or send an email to:


#DHOW 22
Leech foot line spectra 2mm
Cloth: laminate oz. 1,9
Dirham: 4.475
#DHOW 44
Leech foot line spectra 3mm
Cloth: laminated oz. 1,9
Dirham: 14.450
#DHOW 60
Leech foot line spectra 4mm
Cloth: laminate oz. 2,2
Dirham: 21.150